STUDIO 1 are passionate about simple yet sophisticated user experience and designs that we, and our clients, are very proud of.

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STUDIO 1 Aberdeen can discuss your needs, listen to your aspirations and help you evaluate exactly the type of branding, design and marketing solutions that can help your company succeed nationally and internationally.

Our philosophy: Throughout our many years in business, STUDIO 1 has worked with companies of all sizes from SMEs to blue chip corporations. Our philosophy, however, remains the same - we give our best to every project.

Market Segment: We work for many business segments across Scotland, throughout the UK and in key areas in Europe. Located in Aberdeen, Scotland, the majority of our clients work in the Oil & Gas, Subsea and Renewable Energy Industry.


STUDIO 1 VC Ltd was established in 1992 by Gino A. Pezzani, an honours graduate from RGU in Aberdeen. Over the years, STUDIO 1 has gained extensive industry knowledge, experience and commercial ability in company branding, website design, graphic design, marketing, exhibition design, 3d illustration, photography and commercial printing.

STUDIO 1 works predominantly in a design and technical capacity for the oil & gas, renewable energy and subsea industries in Aberdeen, Scotland. We can work remotely on client design projects or in-house on contract, supporting internal marketing staff with online and offline design and marketing projects.

Providing 'cost effective creative solutions', STUDIO 1 collaborates with other design, advertising and public relations agencies, offering a confidential freelance service.

Specialising in online and offline design related marketing services, STUDIO 1 supports all general areas of business from its studio in Aberdeen.


STUDIO 1 is a small team of creative professionals. Our knowledge and awareness of the oil & gas, energy and subsea industry we serve make us a clear sounding board to our clients. We don’t just fill open roles; we offer strategic thinking and design solutions that make clients stronger.

We’re perfectionists

Idealists. Creators. Forever tinkering with ideas and solutions, always on the lookout for inspiration. A job at STUDIO 1 Aberdeen is one that requires a lot of passion, but it’s also one that rewards fresh, original thinking and hard work. None of us would have it any other way.

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Studio 1 Design (Aberdeen)