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A huge amount, if not all company owners already use their website as their primary sales and marketing tool. It's therefore vital that the design of your website should not only look great, but perform great, .... building activity, sales enquiries and business growth.


The majority of companies need to change the way they think about their website. Appearance is important but performance is the number one factor if you want your website to become an effective 'sales-tool' for your company. There is no question that the visual aspect of your website plays an important role in the overall success of your website and how your brand is delivered. However, you need a 'powerful engine' under the bonnet, you need to focus on performance issues if you want to maximise activity and sales results.


When thinking about redesigning a website, one of the most important points is to focus on whether your website communicates effectively and correctly with your target audience. Communication can be made very effective by utilising a couple of simple procedures. Some of the very basic design elements that can help you communicate with your visitors effectively online are titles and headers, content, images, colours, layout etc.

Please remember that the elements above only allow for one way communication. They inform and educate your visitors about your company. For example your history, products and services etc. However, it's only when your visitors get the opportunity to interact with your website that you start creating two way communications, ... what do I mean? Well, here are a few examples of two way communications that will create interaction: a blog, contact form, contact details, lunch and learn request form, social media platforms, sharing, following etc.

Websites that incorporate the perfect mix of one way and two way communications will take good traction in the search engines, increasing overall performance and contact form activity. A website structure that incorporates one and two way communications can also help improve branding recognition, reduce bounce rates and generate more leads, sales, followers and subscribers.


Website interactive elements will also help your company's website become more popular, ultimately driving more traffic and activity. Not only that, Google will index and rank a website higher that has incorporated a compliant two way communication structure into its website, especially a website that actively features outbound links to the company's social media platforms, for example Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, .. remember to post and update suitable content regularly, .... Google does like fresh optimised content .... don't forget your backlinks.


When planning the redesign of your website, you need to concentrated on specific landing pages for best results. For example, a page featuring a 'specific product' provides a unique platform for marketing that product's keywords. You can highlight the product very effectively utilising best practice SEO, head meta tags, H1, page content etc, etc. Done correctly, landing pages can provide an important contact point to interact with potential customers. However, if your landing page SEO, navigation menu or page content is not effectively organised and coded for Google and two way communications, then it will probably have an adverse effect on your efforts to engage, resulting in a poor ROI.


When designing your website, don't forget to create a cross platform (UX) User Experience, including dotting the i's and crossing the t's of current mobile compliance. To engage with the huge audience now making searches via smartphone and smart devices, make sure your new website design is fully mobile compliant for best results.


I hope this article has been helpful in addressing a few issues?

If you think your website is not performing, contact STUDIO-1 for a free web critique.


User Friendly Website Design
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Make information easy to find, best UX!

Your website must be able to convey important information in a quick and effective manner. Make sure the most important navigation information is displayed in your website’s primary top level navigation area. Most of the time the main navigation area is located in the top header. However, most websites make the mistake of hiding important information within sub tabs or drop down menus that don't function across platforms or devices.With the short attention span of individuals today, a site must provide information to the users in the quickest way possible.

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Make sure your site is responsive
Mobile devices and tablets today have become the main form of internet communication. Mobile searches now outnumber desktop computer searches and companies must understand that their website needs to conform to mobile compliance. Google recently announced an algorithm change that placed a higher emphasis on user experience, .... it's simple, Google wants users to receive an uninterrupted experience. To be ranked well every user must receive a seamless experience on any device, desktop, tablet and mobile. Zooming in and out or scrolling left to right to read content on a website when viewed on a smartphone is not a good user experience. In most cases users will simply shut-off from a mobile site that does not show content in a user-friendly way.
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Have SEO in place to drive traffic
A business can invest money into the creation of the most visually appealing website, but if it doesn’t show up when users are searching for your services…how effective can it really be? Correct (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation is vital and directly responsible for the performance of your website. If done correctly, your website and online presence will build your company's popularity and increase sales enquiries.
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Regular Updates / Website Content Management
STUDIO 1 can offer you a monthly website content management package. Just like any other important monthly outgoing you have for your company, a website content management package should be up there with the most important outgoings in your list. After all, your website is your primary sales and marketing tool.


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