Oil & Gas Industry utilises 3D Illustration Services

There is no doubt that top-quality visuals can enhance your marketing and branding across a range of channels. STUDIO 1 Aberdeen can take your product's look to the next level with illustrations, technical graphics, and 3D product renderings, either as a library of image assets or as part of a larger animated video production project. Illustration projects start with visual design and look development, and finish with 3D rendering, retouching and integration into other documents.

Photo-realistic rendering: STUDIO 1 offers high impact 3D product and environment illustrations for sales brochures, web marketing, advertising and sales presentations, and in some cases, long before the final product has been produced.

Rendered images or animations can be used to professionally illustrate concepts to clients and suppliers globally and can be embedded into your web platforms. They also work well for design reviews for feedback and approval, as well as for seeking professional advice on intellectual property.


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