3D Illustration

STUDIO 1 has been illustrating and rendering 3d environments and tools for the oil and gas industry since 1992, and more recently for the renewable energy industry. Our expertise and knowledge in energy-related 3d illustration have given us the opportunity over the years, to work on many prototypes including rig floor, drill string and downhole oil tools.

Oil and gas industry 3d illustration

Our oil & gas experience has allowed us to be more informed about the products and environments we illustrate and render, their characteristics, function and aesthetics. We have built an appreciation for the industry and an appreciation of how innovative subsea engineering has made oil and gas exploration possible.

We have been involved in many exciting 3d illustration and rendering projects, we have illustrated BOPs, (Blowout Preventers) a mechanical device, valve, used to seal, control and monitor oil and gas wells to prevent blowouts. We’ve been involved in illustrating a single satellite well with a flowline linked to a fixed platform and onshore installation, to several wells on a subsea template or clustered around a manifold, with pipe connectivity to a floating facility, FPSO. We have illustrated jack-up rigs, semi-submersible rigs and drilling platforms. We have illustrated deepwater exploration environments with drilling pipes and downhole tools, tools in 3d detail, and tools as part of the overall exploration process.

Renewable energy industry 3d illustration

Developing further on our oil & gas industry knowledge, we have had the opportunity to illustrate for renewable energy industry clients. We have illustrated topside and subsea wind and wave farm environments and new product technologies, including wind turbines, wave technology and subsea connectivity products in detail.

Brought to life for marketing, web and sales presentations

Whether you have a CAD file or just an idea in your head about a prototype down-hole oil tool or a vision of your oil and gas exploration environment, STUDIO 1 can take your thoughts and bring them to full life for marketing, web and sales presentations.

Whatever your imaging and 3d illustration needs are, STUDIO 1 Aberdeen can transform your ideas into reality. We have been specialising in 3d illustration for energy industries since 1992.

oil exploration subsea 3d illustration


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