STUDIO 1 has been branding companies since the early 90s. We have successfully designed, managed brands and written corporate identity guidelines for several start-up businesses, well-established companies and blue-chip corporations in Aberdeen Scotland, UK and globally.

We would like to think that our knowledge of company branding and our unique brand identity solutions has made many of our clients stand out from their competitors, help establish consumer relations and confidence, and help project stability locally and globally. Ultimately, we would also like to think, that our brand solutions have made our client’s online and offline marketing more effective and professional.

One of the most important topics for most companies tends to be the brand image and brand identity. This makes a lot of sense, your brand, logo and your brand identity is central to your marketing strategy, it’s the visible badge representing your standards, vision and values. Effective branding should create a clear distinction from your competitors, and it must deliver an emotional feel-good factor and strong recognition.

It's an external perception held by consumers

STUDIO 1 branding has successfully shaped how people interact and feel about a company, it’s a vital message that you communicate, and it is an external perception held by consumers. A strong brand image and brand identity add significant value to any business, and you could argue that it's your strongest asset or your worst liability. A strong brand identity can help you build and establish a good relationship with your clients. If your clients share the same values as you, they will be attracted to your business model, services and ethics, and feel comfortable purchasing from you.

Your logo and colour will help make your brand highly recognisable

People remember colour and form, and as soon as anyone sees your logo and colour, you have to remember that they are looking at your company and what it stands for. For example, to improve the environmental image of British Petroleum in the late 80s, the company shortened its name to BP. A revamp of their logo and brand was created to improve its environmental concern and social responsibility. It could be said that the logo and brand identity helped captured and shape BP’s aspirations and business ethics. An abstract sunflower symbolic of the sun’s energy combined with the colour green depicts BP’s environmental awareness and sensitivity. With the brand image and brand identity change, BP claimed through its care for everything ‘green’, its position as a global provider of green energy solutions.

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