STUDIO 1 creates online and offline advertising campaigns for local and global clients, building greater awareness of your brand and products to key audiences. Our advertising ideas work in alignment with our marketing services, enabling us to automate creative ideas and messages across online platforms.

A successful advertising campaign will address key issues, for example - what makes your product unique, and why should people buy from you and not from your competitors?

In general, creativity still rules when it comes to advertising, and the future of advertising depends on creativity, fresh ideas and solutions, not tinkering with technology. When building a campaign online or offline, the most important area to consider is the message, the creative concept. Technology is simply the mechanism for delivery.

STUDIO 1 have a wealth of experience in planning and delivering online and offline advertising campaigns. Over the years we have worked with companies from various industry backgrounds, to design unique advertising concepts tailored around specific products or services.

Wheater you are looking to create an online or offline advertising campaign, or a combined solution, your advertising message and branding must stand out from the competition to ensure your company benefits. To achieve a successful advertising concept and strategy, you must undertake market research to determine what consumers actually want, what your competitors are offering, and look into key issues that will make your advertising campaign unique.

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