Global Marketing

Don't just spit it out! ....make sure your content is correct and read by the correct audience

Just imagine the benefits to your company if you could contact all of your 'clients and prospects' at the touch of a button, and monitor their interests, behaviour and intentions? .... well you can.

STUDIO 1 can offer a robust marketing engine for your company, where we write the content, optimise the content correctly, then deliver / automate to bespoke built contact databases, so that the correct content is read by the correct contacts. We take the mass amount of interaction, behavioural and contact based data from targeted email and social media campaigns and build a detailed report. From report analysis / analytics, we are able to put the correct campaign content in front of the the customers who are most likely to respond, … and that's what good target marketing is all about.

Bespoke contact databases can be created and partitioned to best accommodate your marketing direction, industry sector, region or subject classification.

STUDIO 1 works seamlessly with your business development and marketing staff to make sure that your company is aligned with the correct thinking and technology to build business.

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