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PR and Marketing

Respected for our skills in PR and Marketing, STUDIO 1 has been successfully building online and offline brand awareness for clients in Aberdeen, throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond since 1992. With decades of experience, we have the expertise and technology to deliver powerful results for your company.

STUDIO 1 outthinks the competition with fresh marketing content, optimised web updates, social media, and targeted email marketing campaigns. Every month we work with our client’s internal marketing staff and managers, to build a focussed marketing strategy for success.

We have helped many companies communicate more effectively with the correct audience, we’ve increased their brand awareness, increased their sales enquiries, and creating real results for their sustainable growth. As your PR and Marketing specialist, our job is to help you to create, identify, and clarify your story. The key to successful PR and Marketing is effective and compelling news articles and community engagement.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a major component in the digital marketing mix, it’s not only quick, cost-effective and profitable, it’s a proven and reliable relationship and brand-building tool for your company. It has changed dramatically over the years, a simple welcome marketing email can increase revenue with the right strategy and campaign artwork delivery. 

STUDIO 1 design fresh and original eye-catching email marketing campaigns and have experience doing so for some of Aberdeen’s leading companies. Copyrighting skills and knowledge of our client’s industry and global markets is one of our core strengths. We write engaging content that is personalised for specific audiences, receiving the highest possible response rates and ROI. 

We build strategies for clients operating in regional, national and global markets. We focus on developing a strong understanding and knowledge of their business, the regional and global markets in which they operate, and the nature and activity of their direct competitors. This ensures that any online marketing strategy that we create, delivers the best impact on the correct audience.

Our email campaign systems are GDPR compliant, so you can be confident that your subscribers have opted-in, and can opt-out automatically when required. Strategically thought out email marketing campaigns can encourage subscribers to revisit your website and read your content regularly, not only good for business but good for your web page rankings.

Modern public relations

A few decades ago, PR was restricted to a few areas of publicity - television, radio, and print. Today, you can add the entire online world to that very shortlist. STUDIO 1 places a lot of emphasis on the online world, building consumer confidence, brand awareness, identity and company ethics, not forgetting the vast world of social media that can create exciting new opportunities for marketing.

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