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It can be typical of many companies to have their sales department working on sales, and their marketing department working on marketing, but very rarely are they aligned to work in partnership. Creating a healthy and productive sales and marketing partnership is never easy because of the individual requirements and goals of each department, however there are clearly many commonalities.

STUDIO 1 believes that your website can become the catalyst for building a healthy partnership between your sales and marketing departments. After all, your website is responsible for delivering corporate content, news, social media, traffic, enquiries and a consistent brand message to clients and prospects. There are some logical steps and protocols that when applied correctly and built into the sales and marketing work-flow, help create a lasting partnership, aligned to achieve the same objectives. Your website speaks to the world, and informs the world about your company through news and social media. It can only do this by delivering a consistent message, so content on the web must accurately mirror and project a companies current sales and marketing strategy for best results. If you're a company sales manager or business development director, how can you align your sales if you don’t know what content the marketing department is working on?

Updating your website and social media platforms with unified content must come from the combined efforts of both sales and marketing personnel. The partnership must work together to develop and provide campaign strategies and sales plans with a combined objective in mind, to build brand awareness, profile, reputation, consumer confidence, sales enquiries and profit.

With a bit of hard work and some patience, internal and external sales and marketing personnel can work together very effectively and become a productive and unified force. In most companies, sales is an internal function and marketing is an external or remote function. It's important that roles are clearly defined and objectives and work-flow integrated where possible. Every company is unique and comes with its own agenda. It can be said that web marketing departments only value content, SEO, scores & analytics, whilst most sales departments only care about closing the sale and reaching quarterly targets. Each department defines success differently.

The sales and marketing function can become a real partnership for many companies, delivering cohesive results and performance. The key objective of any company website is to publicise a unified message and direction, and this relies on the teamwork of an informed sales and marketing partnership. Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin, and with patience and a few procedures, both can operate seamlessly as a combined strength, resulting in real benefits for the company.


If you're looking for a marketing function that can work seamlessly with your internal sales department, click here to kick-start communications.

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