Drone Aerial Photography, Video, Survey & Inspection Services for local and global clients

With a long standing history in graphic design, web design and photography, STUDIO 1 has been providing a host of clients with aerial video, photography and drone inspection services in Aberdeen since 2014. STUDIO 1 is qualified, certified and insured to operate a drone for video and photography work worldwide.

Our drone pilot Bruce, splits his time between flying the drone and flying a Boeing 737 for a Scandinavian airline. A pilot with more than 20 years commercial flying experience, Bruce is very capable recording footage and imagery for corporate sales presentations and corporate marketing applications.

Drone Footage / Presentation for Hydro Group plc.

Expertise / Cost Efficiency

Expertise in drone piloting and camera handling experience ensures that STUDIO 1 pushes the boundaries to achieve the best possible footage and photography, whilst maintaining safety at all times. STUDIO 1 offers a combination of 4K aerial video and aerial photography for a variety of marketing applications.

STUDIO 1 eliminates the need for costly and sometimes very time-consuming survey machines and structures like scaffolding, boom lifts, cherry pickers and even helicopters. Our survey and inspection services keep our pilot on the ground and out of danger, thus working to meet current company health and safety regulations as well as providing more cost effective solutions for high-risk areas. Our drone cameras record video, take photographs and can be viewed in real-time on location for speed and efficiency.

Mastering / Presentation

With expertise in imaging and multi-media, STUDIO 1 can offer your company a polished corporate presentation video with voice over for online and offline marketing. We can also include product animation and other dynamic content.


We offer a competitive price structure for local Aberdeenshire based companies and can be made available to undertake a free of charge and without obligation, project cost evaluation.

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