UX User Friendly Website Design

Generally, if you want a website these days, the default would be to hire a web design studio that can produce some static designs for you to look at. These initial design drafts represent what your website will look like. After a 'feedback and consultation' period, a final design is agreed and approved. The web design studio then set about turning 'the approved vision' into a 'working' website for your perusal.

However, this is not how we do things at STUDIO 1. I will explain why in a minute, but for now I will explain our different approach and 'mind-set' by example; the persistent bad user experience of my number one 'pet hate', the bad design of the common USB connector.

USB connectors are for using: Like most people in business, I use a USB connector almost everyday. The problem I face is that when I try to plug it in, I frequently get it the wrong way up!

It's difficult to tell just by looking which way the USB plugs in, however more recently some manufacturers have started to print or emboss the USB symbol on top of the connector, so when the connector is oriented horizontally with the symbol facing up, it plugs in. Mmmmmmm ok, .... but this solution does not help if the connector needs to be plugged in vertically like the ports on most electronic products today including Apple.

It's not a major problem because when you try to plug the USB in and it doesn't fit, you just need to flip it 180 degrees and 'hey presto'. The issue is persistent though and I still ask myself the question every time I plug in a USB connector, .... who tested the user experience of this product before it went into production? Arguably, a billion people could be said to have plugged the USB in wrongly, including you, but remember it's not your fault. That adds up to about 31 years, ... I'm playing with your mind now! RIP / USB.

I'm sure you can directly relate to the bad design of the USB connector and why it was never designed with a more user friendly connection. I'm sure you can also think of many everyday products where the design has not been thought through correctly and where user-friendly and commercial usage issues should have been challenged and tested more aggressively.

Web Design
websites are also for using
Like products, websites are also for using

Today, STUDIO 1 considers web design to have much more in common with product / industrial design than it has with its commercial 'partner' graphic design & print. We believe that like products, websites are there to be used, and therefore functionality has to be ranked as the most important factor in the design process. Aesthetics and branding are also very important but it's NOT the primary factor when 'evaluating' good and bad web design, just ask Google.

user experience and usability design
(UX) user experience and usability design
If your website looks good it will do better than if it looks bad, no questions asked!, ... however the problem can arise when web designers spend valuable time on visual design elements with little or no time spent on (UX) user experience and usability design. People 'not Google' look for the 'X' factor in the visual design aspect alone, basing judgement solely on web site appearance. Instead 'like Google' people need to change their objectives and look for the 'X' factor in (UX) user experience and usability design.
web design experience
A wealth of experience and knowledge in web design
Poor mobile compliance protocol, lack of usability, annoying user experiences and slow page loading are just some of the symptoms of bad web design that we experience every other day. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in web design, we design much the same way a product designer or industrial designer will start designing furniture, phones, cars, etc, ... (not USB connectors) - by prototyping, commercial testing, ultimately improving the overall user experience.


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