Your Target: To increase enquiries and sales when your market is challenging!

Just imagine the benefits to your company if you could speak with 'all' of your clients and 'prospects' at the touch of a button and monitor their interests, behaviour and intentions? .... well now you can.

STUDIO 1 Aberdeen can offer your company an internet e-marketing platform that will help you attract prospective customers who are already looking for the products and services that you currently offer. Once a history of activity and interest is noted via campaign delivery and reporting, STUDIO 1 can put the most relevant campaign message in front of the customers who are most likely to respond, … and that's what good 'target marketing' is all about.

STUDIO 1 take the mass amount of interaction, behavioural and contact based data from targeted email campaigns and build a detailed report for your sales staff to action in-house every week or month.

STUDIO 1 develop spam compliant email marketing campaigns to build growth in key areas of your business and in specific regions around the world. Bespoke contact databases are created and partitioned to best accommodate your direction, including 'industry sector and region. We can customise the service to work best with your current marketing directions and goals.

Email marketing campaigns, e-newsletters and e-event campaigns can be created and automated on a monthly or weekly basis for your company or optionally on a specific day-date-time format. We can create targeted campaigns based on individual behavioural data captured, so that your in-house sales staff can trigger subject accurate sales emails.


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