Exhibition Stand Design / Subsea Expo / Imenco

STUDIO 1 has been awarded the bespoke exhibition design and build for Imenco AS based in Norway.

Standing 3.5m tall on a 36sqm footprint, the space was designed to exhibit 30+ Imenco products.

The footprint was divided up into 4 equal areas featuring 4 different product areas, Camera & Lasers, Corrosion Technology (ITC), Lifting and Guidewire Systems. Each quad featured white product plinths at various heights, internally braced to take the load of individual products, the heaviest being the G4 Guidepost weighing 250kg. The main tower and wings were fabricated from box section steel and powder coated, finished with corporate black and red flame retardant fabric and lettering, printed magnetic graphics, adjustable feet, brackets, and low heat LED spot lighting. A doorway was designed into the main stand, creating a 1.2m square footprint storage area for housing the main electrics and exhibition accessories. Guests to the stand enjoyed a seated area kitted out with laptop and smart phone charging hub.

Metal, wood and fabric were the 3 key materials used in the stands construction. The stand design took on the shape of a mini art exhibition, where each product was exhibited on a seamless white plinth. The overall result was very minimalist and created a 'corporate stage' for a diverse range of unique subsea products.

Gino Pezzani, STUDIO 1 Managing Design Director, commented ... "the project gave us the chance to demonstrate our bespoke exhibition design, fabrication knowledge and onsite capabilities.

Attracting over 5,000 delegates and around 150 exhibitors, Subsea Expo is one of the world’s largest Subsea exhibitions. STUDIO 1 Aberdeen are delighted to support clients once again at Subsea Expo, and we were delighted to see many of our client's exhibition designs being utilised from the previous year."

IMENCO UK, commented ... "complimentary comments of the stand design came from many visitors including the organisers Subsea Expo. Imenco are extremely happy with the exhibition design, build, assembly and breakdown services contracted to STUDIO 1. After a short post exhibition storage period at STUDIO 1, the stand was shipped to Norway to be used in other exhibitions around the world."

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