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Corporate and product branding for MB Rubber

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with MB Rubber Ltd, as they embark on an exciting journey of corporate rebranding and expanding their product reach. As a design agency, STUDIO.1 is honoured to be entrusted with various design scopes, including corporate rebranding, product logo design, brochure design, digital photo-imaging, photography, website design, web hosting, SEO, and copywriting.

Seeing the brand grow and evolve right before our eyes has been an exhilarating experience. Working closely with MB Rubber Ltd, we have developed a deep understanding of their core values and target market, enabling us to create designs that truly resonate with their brand identity.

One of the standout projects has been the creation of a new logo that encapsulates MB Rubber Ltd's commitment to excellence in its product-based services. The logo symbolises their dedication to providing high-quality tools and showcases their innovative approach to safety. We believe that a logo serves as the visual representation of a company, and we are proud to have created an emblem that captures MB Rubber Ltd's essence.

In addition to the corporate rebranding, we were tasked with designing the product branding and logo for VTOOLS safety tools, a range of tools designed to ensure utmost safety for workers. This project was particularly special as it involved developing artwork for promotional materials and social media. Our team worked meticulously to create designs that not only communicate the importance of safety but also attract attention in the digital realm.

We are delighted to share that the feedback we have received from both the company and its audience has been excellent. Witnessing our designs come to life and becoming a reality online has been immensely rewarding. The positive response serves as a testament to the collaborative effort put forth by both MB Rubber Ltd and STUDIO.1.

As our partnership continues to flourish, we look forward to exploring new avenues for MB Rubber Ltd's brand growth. We remain committed to providing top-notch design services, website support, and digital marketing solutions to ensure their success in the competitive market.

In conclusion, STUDIO.1 is honoured to be working with MB Rubber Ltd as their dedicated design agency. We are excited to witness their brand journey and contribute to their growth with our expertise in design, photography, web development, and more. Together, we are confident in achieving great success and creating a lasting impact.

Thinking of rebranding or in need of fresh direction, contact STUDIO 1 to kick-start the process.

branded VTOOLS safety tool range

Digital photo-imaging, showing the VTOOLS range

Corporate rebranding, product logo design, brochure design, digital photo-imaging, photography, website design and hosting, SEO and copywriting.

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Company rebranding

dron and dickson logo on office building

Product logo design

VTOOLS digital brochure

Photography, brochure design, copywriting

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Media advertising

Social media advertising


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