Give your products the 'edge' with post processing / image editing

It's not always possible to capture the best photographs of industrial products in the workplace, however shooting raw photographs for post processing and editing sometimes has distinct advantages. For example, backdrop editing of images with neutral tones can produce a more polished image for marketing. However, this is not a substitute for good composition, orientation and accurate composition of the subject or product is still the most important factor for best results. It's very important to arrange your subject composition with post processing and image editing in mind.

Specialising in hi-end digital full-frame photography, post image processing and image editing, STUDIO 1 is well positioned to build image galleries for company marketing activities.

Used creatively for company websites, exhibitions and sales presentations, 'photo-imaging' can help your company create a strong brand and a consistent message across marketing platforms.

STUDIO 1 is has undertaken many commercial image editing projects for industries such as oil & gas, subsea, leisure, sport and telecommunications.

If you're considering building a digital photo library or need existing images edited for marketing support, contact STUDIO 1 Aberdeen for a no obligation chat.


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