A strong brand is more than just your logo

It’s very important to recognise that your brand is more than than just your corporate logo and products. It's also about the combined experiences and confidence that customers have with your company. Your 'brand' includes the visual elements of your companies, what your company does, how well it does it, the type of information your company shares on social media and across your online web platforms.

If you are looking to build a strong brand, it's important that you understand that all of the elements above will help establish customer trust and credibility in your companies brand.

You need to get it right: Your company logo and name should be easily identifiable and it should accurately reflect the operation and character of your company as well as look unique. The name and logo behind your company should reflect its personality, what the company stands for and the products that it manufactures and supplies.

Branding - Corporate Identity
build community
Build community round what you do

A successful company brand is one that is trusted and respected by your local, national and global customers. Building strong marketing links and relationships online and offline, including across social media can help build customer confidence and credibility.

Today, most company brands concentrate in online and offline community building as opposed to traditional literature based advertising. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are good social media platforms, as is your blog and e-marketing campaigns. Offline participation in local community activities such as local events and fundraisers is a great way to build brand recognition. Hosting your own company events such as technology workshops or sport related events can also help you build community brand recognition. Remember to promote your brand effectively at community events with unique product branding.

value proposition
Your value proposition
Not to be mistaken with price, value can help define your brand and differentiate you from your competition. For example: STUDIO 1 is different from other design studios because it truly does live and breath 'design' and it's passionate about its design work, any one of our customers can vouch for this. Great customer service has always been one of our strengths, we align designer with customer for first hand communications and product quality. Not every company can trade on value or price alone, but to build a strong brand, you must incorporate both as your brand value proposition.


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