Website Design, SEO and Marketing for Sub-Drill

After noticing a lack of performance, reduced we-traffic and enquiries, STUDIO 1 Aberdeen were asked to attend a 'web critique' at the Sub-drill Headquarters in Westhill, Aberdeen.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was one of the main issues under the microscope however the company was also looking for site-wide observations.

Findings and Solutions: STUDIO 1 was able to identify a number of key problems and especially some major issues with regards to SEO, especially with image 'tag' and 'file name' optimisation. The problem with image optimisation is that instant recognition isn’t possible for search engine spiders. People viewing a website can instantly recognise what’s going on in a picture by simply using their eyes, however Google does not have this ability, it needs a bit of help from the web optimiser. Making sure that you spend time on your image 'tag' code and 'file name' optimisation will result in Google being able to understand what the image is about and its page relevance.

It was obvious after close inspection that the website could perform much better with attention given to code, mobile compliance and general good practice. Additionally, it was agreed that the company branding was under utilised and that it should play a more active and prominent role across online and offline marketing.


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