Website Design for Aberdeen Clients

... the same question and the same problem.

STUDIO 1 Aberdeen were recently awarded web design, SEO and online marketing projects for three Aberdeenshire based companies. The companies contracted STUDIO 1 after a tendering process with other local design companies.

To some degree, the three oil & gas support companies were suffering from the same problem and shared the same initial question, ... why is my website failing to drive enquiries and sales? This is a question that has troubled business owners for years and depending on who you ask, has many different answers.

How do you create a ‘winning formula’ for search traffic, and how do you ensure that you maintain visibility on search? It's about clever marketing right?.

A professionally designed, mobile-friendly website is the 'foundation' on which to build your online visibility, however you have to remember that it's only that and nothing more. This is where most companies get it wrong and many design studios advise incorrectly. You can't simply design, optimise and host a website and hope that it does the trick, climb up the search rankings to page 1 and stay there for ever bringing you sales enquiry after sales enquiry.

To reach and maintain an advantageous position on Google search, your website needs constant attention to detail through content optimisation, search relevance monitoring, page content management, competitor keyword monitoring, social media and e-marketing integration etc, etc. It's a competitive world out there, if getting on Google page 1 was that easy, everyone would be there but unfortunately that's not possible. Page 1 is a challenging environment and a difficult page to stay visible on, your business is no different. The last keyword phrase search I made delivered me 19,800,000 (results) and the internet is not getting any smaller.

How many companies do you know that never update, maintain or optimise their website and ask ... why is my website failing to drive enquiries and sales?


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