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Working smarter and responding to change through the pandemic 

STUDIO 1 Design has built and maintained the respect and confidence of many clients in the oil & gas industry. They recognise the experience and knowledge we have gained working in the sector and supporting companies for 30 years [1992 - 2022]. 

Supporting oil & gas, subsea and more recently renewable energy clients with an understanding of the industry and their products and services, means that we can hit the ground running for new and existing clients with informed design, media, marketing and web solutions. Our knowledge and experience of the industry and its products are vital to us, and it’s one of the reasons that our clients engage our services. We don’t need to learn about the industry and its products, we’ve grown up supporting oil & gas, it’s in our blood. We’ve watched the industry evolve from the early years and have been supporting client growth and development since 1992.


We specialise in tailoring our services

Today, STUDIO 1 Design is in pole position to provide clients with online and offline design and marketing solutions. We specialise in tailoring our services, and based on a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, we have become the ‘go-to’ design and marketing company for those operating in oil & gas, subsea and renewable energy.


The pandemic and advancements in technology has changed how and where we do business

There is no doubt that 2021 has been a year of constant change for most companies. A move toward relative normality earlier in the year has been followed recently with a return to the unknown. The pandemic has continued to alter the way companies operate their business and the way they engage with clients. Presented with a new set of challenges throughout 2021, STUDIO 1 Design has been able to adapt and consolidate its own approach to business, client support and interaction. 

Restrictions enforced by the pandemic and advancements in technology has changed how and where we do business. With more people working remotely, we keep in touch via video conferencing, building and maintaining quality relationships with our clients, internal teams and suppliers. For STUDIO 1 Design, we found the combination of remote working and video conferencing boosted our productivity, time management and collaboration. 


Fully embracing the remote working ethic

Autumn 2021 saw us realise the real benefits of remote working by setting up a home-based studio. What began as a trial work transition enforced by the pandemic proved such success early on, that we now fully embrace the remote working ethic. The change has been seamless and we now have the advantage of supporting our clients around the clock and regardless of location.

Not only have we found remote working to be more efficient in several ways, but it has also allowed us greater flexibility and management of projects and accounts. Additionally, our remote working service has attracted clients from different countries, and we’re delighted to support new accounts in England, Norway, Spain, Houston and Singapore. Closer to home in Aberdeenshire, STUDIO 1 Design have acquired a number of new accounts in the subsea and renewable energy sectors.

A positive mindset and one of pride

Gino Pezzani, Brand Marketing Director added: “2022 will see STUDIO 1 Design celebrate 30 years in business supporting the oil & gas, subsea industry, and more recently the renewable energy industry. We look forward to this milestone with a positive mindset and one of pride. Over the last few years, the pandemic and technology combined have undoubtedly changed all of our lives and shaped our day-to-day business, communications, administration, procedures, accountancy and protocol. Whilst we hope the pandemic will soon be a thing of the past, we can be certain that technology is here to stay. It’s important to embrace both, and formulate solutions that will enhance our life journey. It’s a huge personal achievement to continue to work in design, web and marketing with both new and long-standing customers for 30 years.

Supporting energy-based companies

STUDIO 1 Design has been involved in many projects throughout 2021 and had the privilege once again to continue supporting many major energy-based companies. We were very active in our core services. We launched new subsea and topside products and supported many companies with exclusive global marketing, we created multimedia video presentations for oil exploration projects, we branded business streams, companies and new product developments and we illustrated subsea environments with innovative subsea products.

We were also engaged heavily in web design, SEO, online marketing strategies and digital campaigns for several companies, we strengthened their Google ranking, indexing, online exposure and the quality of their published content. We successfully created new offline brand strategies with brochure design, annual reports, corporate brand guidelines, product data sheets, tender and sales presentation documentation.

A robust and sustainable working model

Although December in Q4 of 2021 has seen interruptions due to the Omicron variant, STUDIO 1 Design feels confident that it has successfully addressed many key business challenges and set in place a robust and sustainable working model for 2022.


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