On Location Design and Marketing Manager

Reducing costs whilst raising standards

Could you benefit from having an in-house Marketing Manager ? ... someone that is experienced in online / offline design and marketing of oil & gas support companies regionally and globally, someone local that can work remotely in Aberdeen, or on-location at your office.

Gino Pezzani, Marketing Manager

Having your own experienced in-house Marketing / Design Manager on location to discuss, coordinate, create, design and deliver solutions is a huge advantage. It brings added value to your company, ... ultimately it reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Marketing Manager - Gino Pezzani can work in-house on location with your company to support, create, oversee and advise on all design and marketing related activities on a part time basis. Gino has many years commercial experience in this position and currently holds such positions for Aberdeen based oil & gas support companies.

Gino has a broad range of corporate design, technical, web and e-marketing skills and the ability to work on location with your staff, management and directors for efficient solutions delivery. He has the design and marketing capability and commercial experience to take on the position and the responsibility. He can work on location with your staff, building and maintaining your website marketing tool, SEO and SM platforms, he can work alongside your CEO / MD, sales director and managers to identify key business markets and design, deliver and monitor e-marketing campaigns worldwide to a target audience. Gino can build and maintain your brand stature and continuity; ultimately he will become an integral part of your business development machine.

In the last five to ten years companies have realised that design and marketing is part of their armoury and that they need to design and need to engage more with design and marketing activities to grow. STUDIO 1 can offer you an in-house Marketing / Design Manager (part time, one day per week) to work closely with your internal staff and management, handling company branding, identity, design, web, SEO and hosting, advertising, sales presentations, newsletter design and e-marketing delivery, exhibition, photography and commercial print management.

Unfortunately many companies still work with a number of design and marketing agencies at the same time and this can sometimes be difficult to coordinate internally. Also, working with different external companies can sometimes be very expensive, taxing and stressful.

Key Skills


BRANDING /logo design / corporate identity / stationery / vehicle livery


GRPAHICS / brochures / annual reports / data sheets / flyers / exhibition design


WEB / design / SEO / hosting / content management / email / support


MARKETING / email campaigns / target marketing / monitoring / reporting / data bases


IMAGING / photography / animation / 3d illustration / multi-media


EXHIBITION / design / manufacture / supply / event management


PRINT PRODUCTION / litho / digital / large format printing / branded products


Oil and Gas / Renewable Energy / Subsea Industry.

OTHER KEY SECTORS: Working with clients in:

catering / defence / design

electronics / engineering / health

hospitality / leisure / manufacturing

marine / nature / petrochemical

property / recruitment / shipping

survey / telecommunications / transport


Duration: 1 day per week (optional duration)

Location: on location at your office (remote option available)

Equipment: full portable and fixed Apple hardware and software provided by STUDIO 1


6 month: contract (renewable on month 4)

12 month: contract (renewable on month 10)

NI-PAYE: STUDIO 1 to pay Employers / Employees NI / PAYE



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