How effective is your advertising campaign and company profile in print and online? STUDIO 1 Aberdeen has years of experience creating online and offline advertising solutions and campaigns that build awareness and sales for your company.

STUDIO 1 can build exposure for your brand and company by way of e-newsletter campaign automation, magazine advertising, trade-press, online and via social media.

As a rule, emerging companies focus most of their time and talents on meeting the needs of customers, as well they should. If they don't take care of the customers they already have, everything else will be academic. Strangely, however, many neglect the function of winning customers in the first place. Others naively assume that if they simply provide excellent products or services, their reputation will precede them.

The most important thing to do, is set aside some rational percentage of your sales to advertising and promoting your company effectively.

Industry Knowledge
  • Our focus and objective is to deliver service or product specific advertising solutions for our clients. We achieve this by understanding their target audiences, markets and industry sectors.